Fitbit’s Dedication to Helping Their Customers


Fitbit has a twitter account specifically for customer service questions and responses. They use the account @fitbitsupport. They take questions, comments, and concerns from customers on this account.


The specific request above was a standalone request. The customer was having a technological issue with their fitbit, and needed advice on how to fix it. The company’s response was genuine and original, as all of their responses are. They addressed that persons issue with directions on how to fix it, and even added to “let us know how it goes!” The reply was very personably and sincere, which I am sure the customer appreciated.

@Fitbitsupport seems to reply to all customer questions or comments. They provide whatever information the customer needs whether this be just general interaction, directions, a link to more information, or an email address because the problem will take more interaction then you can have in 140 characters. Fitbit support does a great job of responding to all their customers. They have a 100% response rate when looking at the last ten responses and questions. They also reply relatively quickly to all of their customers. Fitbit was taking anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours to response and hold a conversation with the customers directing questions at them.


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