Rainn Wilson Inspires the Ball State Student Body

I had the honor of attending Rainn Wilson’s lecture on Leadership on Monday evening. Leaving his lecture I could help but feel inspired. I also left with a lot of thoughts on my mind.

Rainn grew up in Seattle, Washington raised by his parents. He grew up in a Bohemian home. The Bohemian lifestyle taught him that all men and women are equal, that the human race is essentially just a huge family, and that all races are “just colors in a garden of flowers.” It was apparent that Rainn truly understood and appreciated not only life, but also the differences in cultures and societies.

Rainn left his home of Seattle, Washington to attend acting school in New York. While in New York he rebelled against everything he knew just trying to dive into art. He thought that through art and theater he would be able to change the world.

One great lesson Rainn learned, that I feel is applicable in our lives, was the lesson of happiness. He talked about how the biggest myth in our society is that if you set a goal, and then reach it you will be happy. I had never thought of happiness in this light, but when I look at my life I think that I believed that is what made me happy. Rainn’s lesson on happiness really opened up my eyes to what happiness is really made of.

Rainn realized that he had reached all of his goals, and had everything he had wanted in life but still wasn’t happy. There was something missing from his life, and he decided to go on a journey to figure out how to fill the whole. He decided to take a spiritual journey to figure out if there truly was a creator. Rainn took it upon himself to research all cultures and religions. He found that while he respected all the other religions, and learned a lot, he felt the Bohemian lifestyle aligned best with his person beliefs. This was inspiring to me because he went out of his way to find his own joy not through a goal, but because of a hole. He tried different things, and probably stepped out of his comfort zone, to find the best fit for him. I think this is something that we all can learn from.

What inspired me the most was his passion for SoulPancake. Rainn’s passion for SoulPancake inspired me because I have always wanted to start my own business. Rainn took his love and passion for helping people chew on life’s biggest questions and made a business of it. He has embraced creativity, spiritual activity, and kid president to inspire people and bring joy to their lives.


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