Powerade #PowerTheWorld Campaign

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Powerade is a sport drink product produced by Coca-Cola. The drink is made to help quench thirst and replenish the body with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and other minerals. Powerade has a world presence and their biggest competitor is Gatorade.

Powerade’s target audience consists of young males with an athletic mindset that are goal oriented. For our campaign we want to build on their existing market. We want to reach their current market, while also hopefully spreading some awareness to females as well.

We have designed a campaign that we will be calling Power the World (#powertheworld). The purpose of this campaign is to create more awareness of the product, and engagement with the company. We will be using current customers to help create more awareness of the product. We believe, after referencing data on Adweek, the best platform to use for this campaign is Instagram.

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The campaign is going to consist of customers taking pictures of themselves around the world drinking Powerade using the hashtag #powertheworld. We will be re-posting pictures that stand out to us. We also plan on selecting one winner a week. The winner will be selected upon the creativity and quality of the photo. Powerade will send the winner coupons for Powerade product.

The campaign will specifically target young athletic males and females that are goal driven and will be measured by the number of hashtags. The idea is simply to get customers to engage with us, while using the product, on social media. We plan on starting the campaign in March and running it through the end of June.

Powerade needs to encourage posts right off the bat and to do this we will be creating some posts. We plan on utilizing athletes and regular people posing around the world with the product. For example we may have someone running on the beach with the product. Another post could have someone hiking in the mountains with a Powerade. A third example could be someone laying at the pool with a Powerade. All the posts will use the hashtag #powertheworld and our posts will contain a link to our site for more information on the product.

We plan on having some traditional advertising to assist the social media campaign. The traditional TV advertising will be along the same lines as the Instagram posts. We will show several different people doing different activities drinking powerade (different race, ethnicity, and sex). Then to conclude the commercial we will have them all standing together saying “Together We Power the World.” The hashtag will be displayed in the commercial as well.

Powerade has a presence on Instagram, but not a huge presence. They have posted recently, but there are some gaps in the timing of their posts. For the amount of followers, they have low engagement. We will measure the engagement through the amount of hashtags, likes, and comments. Yet, we will be putting priority on the measurement of hashtags. We expect that by our customers participating in the campaign we will create more awareness through social media. This will help us reach more people. We will be able to see how many times Powerade products are appearing on Instagram by the number of hashtags.

Powerade will need one person to manage the Instagram account. This will include posting daily, responding to customers, and selecting the winner each week. After the winner is selected they will be responsible for getting the coupons to the individual. We will need about a several thousand dollars to create the commercial. We will hopefully be able to use pictures from the commercial on Instagram to reduce costs. Lastly, the tools needed are slim, as they will just consist of technology and product.


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