Gatorade: Fueling athletes, but are the fueling social media engagements?

Gatorade: fueling athletic performance since 1965. Obviously they haven’t always been fueling social media engagement, but are they now? Gatorade has become visible on several forms of visual media, specifically Instagram.

Gatorade ScreenShot

Their account, username: Gatorade, has a colorful and bright appearance on Instagram. Anyone scrolling through Instagram would have a hard time not noticing their quality posts. Each post seems to have a purpose, and each picture posted seems to been given adequate time and creativity in the design phase. It is obvious by their posts, that they are targeting athletes because a lot of their posts feature famous athletes, sport teams, or athletics in general. They also have several motivational posts with quotes or sayings.

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 5.29.15 PM

Gatorade does a decent job of keeping their Instagram account up to date by posting almost everyday, or every few days. They would probably see more engagement and followers with a more consistent and frequent presence on this platform. Their most recent post was two days ago, and their interaction and engagement is almost average.

The average retail engagement rate is 4%, and Gatorade falls short of this with a 3.76% engagement rate. While this is below average, it only falls behind by .24%. Since their Instagram does not have signs of being a hosting platform, it would be expected that their engagement rate be slightly higher. Their posts do not typically link to other accounts/platforms, or direct viewers to another way to engage with them. Yet, if you go to their page it asks viewers to engage with them by “Snapping a pic and showing how you are.”

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 5.30.01 PM

I think that Gatorade’s engagement rate falling slightly short of the average could have something to do with their target market. Gatorade has two target markets as discussed in The Wall Street Journal. Their traditional target market consist of both male and female athletes ages 18 to 24. Their newer target market is focusing on the younger fans and younger generations. They are now also targeting males and females ages 13 to 18 that do not necessarily have to be athletes, but could evolve into loyal customers. Directing their focus on a newer target market shows their dedication to the growth of the company long term. Gatorade is addressing their audience with vibrant photos reinforcing the product and location their product is most often used. They are trying to capture their audience and target market with elaborate sports and drink photos with famous individuals, athletes, and locations.

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 5.27.13 PM

You may be wondering how their target market audience may be directly impacting their lower than average engagement rate. Adweek suggest that from recent studies the largest group of users on Instagram falling in at 32.2% consists of males and females ages 25-34. The second highest user category with 27.6% consists of males and females ages 18-24. With only targeting 27.6% of users on the platform, they are missing Instagrams highest user market and also not reaching their newly established target market of 13 to 18 year olds.

Overall Gatorade has done a good job of keeping their Instagram posts engaging and vibrantly intriguing. They probably fall short of the average engagement rate due to their full target audience not being dominate on the Instagram platform. Yet, with an engagement rate of 3.76% they certainly are not doing badly. Their posts, after all, are great quality with striking images that could potentially to stop anyone mid-scroll.

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 5.30.42 PM


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