Empowering girls to be #likeagirl

Like A Girl. What does that mean to you? The statement “Like a Girl” could potentially have several different meanings, used in several different contexts, and articulated several different ways, until now. Always’ is taking the next step in empowering women and redefining the meaning of “Like a Girl.” Always’ campaign Like A Girl didn’t debut at the Superbowl, but the engagement during the Superbowl would make you think otherwise.

The campaign is designed to remove negative connotations about the phrase “Like a Girl” and empower women. In the video/commercial they ask several older people (men and women) to do several tasks like a girl; run like a girl, fight like a girl. They then ask several younger girls, below puberty, to do the same tasks …like a girl. Expected or not, the actions were opposite, enforcing the fact that at some point the connotation of doing something “like a girl” changes. This highlights and capitalizes on a larger issue in our society; why is being a girl have a weak connotation.

Women are and can be strong, independent, and powerful humans, and Always’ set out with the campaign #likeagirl to raise awareness and spark change. The company’s target market has always been females between the ages of 12 and 49, but their target audience on this specific campaign really speaks to younger women that are currently being impacted by puberty. Yet, this campaign has reached far beyond their intended and existing target markets. Their campaign started in June 2014 and has continued to utilize Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and commercials to move the campaign in the forward motion.

Always’ Target Market

Their website has been the main outlet for this campaign as it brings all the platforms and information to one place. Viewers have access to learn about the movement, read/like/share tweets, and watch videos.

Screen shot 2015-02-04 at 9.50.55 PM

They have been very active on twitter, and I believe this is where the campaign is really being lead at this time. There is a lot of engagement on twitter. The campaign really focuses on empowering women to be like women and be proud of it. Twitter is full of videos and inspirational messages that are being tweeted at Always.


Their Facebook is very prominent in this campaign as well. They are providing access to information about the campaign, staying involved with their customers, and providing empowering video links. They are seeing a lot of engagement with their Facebook posts from likes to shares.

Another platform that Always has used is YouTube. They have the commercial and the original video. There are also other promotional videos for the campaign #likeagirl. These videos are inspiring and demonstrate how #likeagirl is a positive!


Always’ has done a great job of addressing the audience and making them feel a connection to the campaign. They are empowering women across the nation to speak up, stand up, and promote the campaign. They address the audience through the commercial and videos by making it relatable. They present the idea and draw their viewers in, and then present the problem.

It is so simple to engage and become active in the #likeagirl campaign. People are constantly sharing videos or pictures of activities they do #likeagirl. Women and men both are sharing and liking posts. There is an opportunity to engage with the campaign on every platform the campaign is present on. Always’ has truly inspired so many people to take pride in what they do and who they are.

They even took it further than the traditional media, television, and social media they took #likeagirl to the Superbowl. They blew viewers away with their commercial during the campaign and the response was immediate. The engagement went through the roof following the commercial viewing. Several ad meters ranked the #likeagirl campaign as the number 1 commercial during the Superbowl!

I think that Always’ is trying to strengthen and expand their current customer base. I believe that through this campaign they are targeting younger girls and empowering younger girls to believe in and be proud of who they are. There hook is the emotion, they sink the campaign to their products by trying to create young loyal customers through their passion to empower women. I think they are making an impact, and I think their strategy will have a direct impact on sales. While I may not be a young teenager, I’ll think twice while at the store next time.


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