GE Intelligent Blog takes it to the Next Level

GE’s blog follows the same theme of their products; clean cut, sharp, intriguing, and customer orientated. My first impression of GE’s blog was that it had intriguing features and is community focused content. The blog is easy to navigate in reference to finding their posts or other content. They also have an endless supply of information on the company accessible through their blog site. GE has done a fantastic job of integrating their twitter, podcast, and YouTube videos to the site. With the help of embedded links, they make their other forms of social media easily accessible from their blog page. Interested in GE products? Their blog is the place to go with its great integration of social media and products!

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 6.28.36 AMScreen shot 2015-01-28 at 6.28.55 AM

GE has a variety of products that will appeal to a variety of market segments. Yet recently they have been focusing on the younger consumers as their target market. They have been designing with the millennial generation in mind. This would target females and males between the ages of 25 and 34. From the prices, it appears they are specifically be targeting the middle class, that probably have recently completed their education. They believe they are tapping into a market that hasn’t been focused on yet hoping to lead to a huge opportunity that almost slipped under the rug. They realized that this segment is starting to look for a line of appliances that appeal to not only their taste, but their pocket as well. With the millennia generation starting to purchase their own home, or their home with a significant other, they have created a line to help draw them in.

Their blog definitely portrays aspects that would target their newly identified target market of the millennial generation. They’re clean cut, yet technology driven site really draws in a generation of technology driven customers. They have their blog linked to their twitter, and stay actively involved with their customers. By keeping their content community focused, they are focusing in on their distinguished target market, because the millennial generation in putting more value on community involvement. They also are trying to actively engage this group of individuals by utilizing podcast and YouTube.

GE has focused on having a wide variety of content available on their blog site. They include articles, pictures, YouTube videos, Podcast links, and share content that isn’t their own. This allows them to engage several market segments, and keep their blog interesting so that readers keep coming back.

Frequency? Recently? Is that a concern of yours? If so, GE has you covered! They have been posting a new blog about once a week. The most recent blog post was January 27, and the post before that was completed on January 22. By updating their blog about once a week they have plenty of content to keep their audience segments engaged, while also providing new and useful information. Their blog is predicable, and that allows customers to continuously visit knowing they can find new information and new engagements.

They provide plenty of opportunities to engage with GE outside of just reading their blog. They have a link to subscribe to new articles and monthly news roundups. They provide hash tags and keep their twitter feed updated, and accessible through their blog for immediate and future interaction. There are also plenty of opportunities to read more on some of their topics across the top such as Cloud, High Performance, Industrial Big Data, and Mobility. Their site provides the viewer with a variety of possible follow up actions.

Like their blog post and want to share it? Perfect, just hit the share button above the post! GE makes it so easy for viewers to like the post on Facebook and Google+, Tweet the blog, and share the blog in LinkedIn. They have all the links provided directly above each blog. LinkedIn seems to be the most popular form of social media that the posts are shared in; it is continuously the highest. They also have several tweets on each blog post.

Overall, GE has an outstanding blog that works to draw customers in. They have several forms of content, and different forms of actions depending on the segment of viewer. Their variety of content forms allows them to target several segments successfully. The site provides links that allows access to all forms of social media, including YouTube and Podcast. They keep their content recent and community focused, proving they have their customers at mind!


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